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NIRF DATA Walchand College of Arts and Science


Radio Jingles Swayam 1

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Self Study Report (SSR) 2015 & AQAR Reports

Final SSR 2015





AQAR -NAAC 2010-11

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Completed MRP Reports

Dr. S.D.Mitragotri

Summary of report
Fe-HPA catalyzed protection of alchols

Shri M.P.Joshi

Final Report of MRP by MPJoshi
Research Papers

Shri S.J.Neela

Neela Sj MRP reportCertificates and Research Papers

Dr. V.T.Vader

Executive summery of the Minor Research Project
Dr. V.T. Vader-Publications through MRP UGC-WRO (4 Research Papers merged in single pdf File)
Dr. V.T. Vader-Final Report of MRP UGC-WRO with Statement of Expenditure, Utilization Certificate

Dr. M.D. Shinde
MRP Report
Research Ppares 01
Research Paper 02

Dr. S.D. Chavan
SDC mrp

Dr. S.J.Awate
Minor Project Dr S J Awate

Dr. S.N.Salwade
Minor Reseach Project Details

Dr. R.V.Hippergi
RVH Final Report MRP
Annxure III & VIII RVH

Dr. P. D. Mali

Minor Reseach Project (MALISIR)

Dr. S.V.Koti
Project I

Summary of the Report
Project Report
Contribution to the Society
Project II
1Std English Project report II
Contribution to the Society II
Summary of the findings1

Dr. D.M.Zombade
Executive Summary of MRP

Shri R. G. Mali
Minor Research Project Mali R. G.

Shri A.M.Mahajan
1 st year report
Final Report
Encl I
Research Paper
Statement of Expenditure

Shri H. B. Mate
Index Page
Datta Bhagat & Premanand Gajvi

Post Information upto Mrach 2013

Post Infromation upto March 2013


Proposal for financial assistance for the organisation of International Conference

Nagrik Sanad 14-15

Nagrikachi Sanad 14-15-Word format

Nagarikachi Sanad 14-15 pdf format

UGC Guidelines for Students

UGC guidelines for students