National Service Scheme (NSS) Unit

                                          Report – 2011-12

The overall aim of National Service Scheme, (NSS) is to give an extension dimension to the higher education system and orient the student youth to community service. The broad objectives of the NSS unit are to understand the community in which they work; understand themselves in relation to their community; identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem solving process; develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility; utilize their knowledge in finding practical solution to problems; acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude. The N.S.S. unit organizes various events for inculcating the values of selfless service and brotherhood among volunteers by taking students out of their comfort zones and allowing them to involve at the grassroots level problems of society. To justify mentioned objectives followings programs were undertaken by the NSS unit of our college.

The list of activities held during 2011-12 is listed below.

  1. NSS volunteers Mr. Nilesh Ingale and Mr. Manoj Adatrao have participated in state level training on Disaster Management (Aavhan)  organized by  Solapur University, Solapur on 6-15 June 2011.
  2.  Neela S.J. Participation in ‘Golden Jubilee Celebration of Maharashtra State Legislature’ organized by Dayanand College, Solapur and presented his views on ‘Role of Elected Representatives in Democratic Nations’ on 19 July 2011
  3. N.S.S. Programme officers and volunteers actively participated in the rally in ‘Save Girl Child Campaign’ organized by Police Commissioner office and District Women and Child Development Board, Solapur on 3rd Jan, 2012
  4. Organized Essay, Poster and Elocution Competition on the Occasion of ‘Road Safety Drive’ on  5th   Jan, 2012
  5.  Organized ‘Learning License Workshop’ on the occasion of ‘Road Safety Drive’ 33 N.S.S. volunteers and students took the benefit of the event on 7th Jan, 2012
  6. Organized lecture on ‘Road Safety-Today & Tomorrow’ Chief Guest: Mr. Anilkumar Valiv ( RTO ) on 11th Jan, 2012
  7.   Prof. S. Neela participated  in ‘N.S.S. Orientation Course for Programme  Officers’ on 13-18 Feb, 2012
  8.  N.S.S. volunteers Miss.Sonali Choudhari, Miss. Puja Dharne,Mr.Sagar Achalkar & Mr.Rahul Swami Participation in State Level Camp on ‘Role of youth in Environmental Conservation’ on 10-16 Feb, 2012
  9. N.S.S. volunteers worked as special police officers during ‘Solapur Muncipal Corporation Election-2012’ on 15-16 Feb, 2012.
  10. ‘Special Counseling & Workshop Organized for N.S.S. Volunteers ’ organized by Family Planning Association of India, Lions Club Solapur and Walchand College of Arts and Science, Solapur N.S.S. Programme Officers and volunteers from various colleges participated in the workshop. Lectures were held during the occasion Dr. Sahin Kore: ‘Delivered a lecture on Youth and HIV-AIDS’, Dr. Shrikant Yelegaonkar:’ Delivered lecture on Role of youth in Nation Building’ on 29th Feb, 2012.
  1. NSS volunteers participated in a Rally organized by Family Planning Association of India and Lions Club Solapur on the occasion of International Population Day held on 12th July 2011.
  2. Inauguration of N.S.S. activities for the year 2011-12 Chief Guest: Dr. Shashikant Ahankari, Director, Hallo Medical Foundation, Solapur on 8th Aug 2011
  3.  NSS volunteers participated in Bharat Mata Tiranga Shobha Yatra. Organized by Sadbhavana Vande Matram Mandal  on 11th Aug 2011
  4. A Campus Cleanliness Drive was held on the eve of Independence Day 14th Aug 2011
  5. Organized Blood Donation Camp in memory of ‘Shreeman Bhausahb Gandhi’ in association with Gopabai Damani Blood Bank, Solapur, 144 volunteers donated blood on this occasion 9th Sept, 2011
  6. N.S.S. volunteers participated in the survey of Child Laborers in the Solapur city on  10-15 Sept, 2011.
  7. N.S.S. volunteers Mr. Neelesh Ingale, Mr Babasaheb Londhe have participated in Pre National Republic Day parade held at S.G.B.Amravati University, Amravati 14-16 Sept, 2011.
  8.  Organized lecture on the occasion of ‘N.S.S.Day’ Chief Guest: Prof. Naresh Badnore on 24th Sept, 2011
  9. Organized ‘Jan Jagran Rally’ on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd Oct, 2011
  10.  N.S.S. volunteer Mr. Nilesh Ingale was selected and Participation in ‘Pre Independence Day Republic Parade Camp’ held at Arts and Commerce College, Vaira, Dist-Tapi, Gujrat and sponsored by N.S.S. regional centre, Ahmadabad on 29th Oct-7th Nov, 2011.
  11. Mr Manoj Adatrao, Mr. Sagar Achalkar, Mr. Balwant Joshi and Ms Poonam Chavan have participated and won prizes in State Level Social and Cultural Competition held at R.S.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur 22-24 Nov, 2011
  12. On the occasion of ‘World AIDS Day’ N.S.S. volunteers have participated in the Rally organized by Family Planning Association of India, Solapur and Ashwini Sahakari Rugnalaya, Solapur on 1st dec 2011.
  13. Mr Kedar Zambare and Mr Rahul Swami have participated in State Level Workshop on Issues of Global Warming, Leadership Development and Disaster Management 10-12 Dec, 2011.


Special Annual Camp Report – 2011-12

The camp was held with the ultimate goal of inculcating work culture, brotherhood and with a view to produce youth capable of serving Indian in twenty first century. The camp was held at the Solapur University campus area during 24-30 January, 2012. The camp activities were inaugurated at the hands of Hon. Bajirao Ahire, Retired Principal, Kasturbai College of Education and under the Chairmanship of Hon. Prin. Dr. B. N. Barkul, Hirachand Nemchand College of Commerce, Solapur and in the auspicious presence of Hon. Prin. Dr. A.H.Manikshete, Walchand College of Arts and science.

Some of the events undertaken during the camp period are as follows

(i)                 Lecture on ‘Our Health in Our Hand’ by Dr. Shirish Kumthekar

(ii)               Lecture on ‘How to Face and Prepare for Competitive Exams’ by Mr.jaysingh Pawar

(iii)              Lecture on ‘Swami Vivekananda- A Source of Inspiration’ by Dr. Chandrakant Bhanumate

(iv)             An experience sharing programme by Mr. Sunil Ingale (C.A.) on his study tour at China

(v)               Lecture on ‘Dental Health’ by Dr. Pramod Patni

(vi)             Organized ‘Tree Plantation Drive’ at the university campus area and provision was made for perennial supply of water to planted trees

(vii)           Inculcation of selfless service: During the camp period students used to have hectic schedule right form morning hour beginning with yoga and followed by Shramadan at campus. Group discussions and street plays were held to spread awareness on topics of social relevance like corruption, terrorism, inflation etc.

(viii)         Big FM channel sponsored ‘Chal Kalti Mar’ and Dream Foundation organized lecture by Mr. Kashinath Bhatgunki on ‘I Will Succeed’ received good response by volunteers

(ix)             The camp concluded on 30th January 2012 at the hands of Hon. Tukaram Shinde, N.S.S Coordinator, Solapur University, Solapur & regional coordinator Hon. B.N.Kamble in presence of Prin. Dr.B.N.Barkul.

Prof. Sangameshwar Neela

Program officer

Walcnand College  Of Arts and Science , Solapur

Photographs of the Events

N. S. S. volunteers while doing Shramadana at the Annual Camp held at Solapur Universit y, Solapur






N. S. S. volunteers while doing Surya Namaskara at the Annual Camp held at Solapur

University, Solapur






Guest Lecture by Dr. Pramod Patni on Dental Health at the Annual Camp held at Solpaur University, Solapur







Blood Donation Camp Organized at the College on the occasion of Death Anniversary of Late Shreeman Bhausaheb Gandhi






Save Female Child Rally Organized by the College






N. S. S. Volunteers participating in Sadbhavana Rally


Guest lecture by Prof. Naresh Badnore on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti