Class Rooms:

The Walchand College of Arts and Science has total 35 no. of Class rooms available for teaching in the premises. The Class Rooms are completely dedicated for the Different activities which are conducted through out the academic year like Teachers Day, Traditional Day, and Science Day etc.


Chemistry Laboratory:

The Department has well-equipped and sophisticated two separate laboratories of 2200 sq. ft. each. The Department has a special research Laboratory which available for Research Students. The Department is recognized for M. Phil. / Ph.D. courses.


Sophisticated Equipments in the Department:

  • Spectrophotometer(Proton & Carbon-13)
  • UV-Visible Spectrometers
  • Densitometer
  • Vapour Pressure Osmometer
  • LCRBridge
  • Cyclic Voltmeter
  • pH meter
  • Digital Balance



The Electronics department has well –equipped and spacious Laboratories of 900 sq. ft. in our college. Sophisticated Equipments in the Department.

  1. Digital Multi-meter
  2. C.R.O.
  3. Computer System with Multimedia Facility
  4. Generator Back up Facility
  5. Microprocessor kit
  6. CRO frequency generator



The Department has well-equipped and sophisticated two separate laboratories. The Department has a special research Laboratory which available for Research Students. The Department is recognized for M. Phil. / Ph.D. courses.


Facility Offered:

  1. Research Microscopes
  2. Dissecting and Slide Microscope
  3. Micro Oven
  4. Incubator
  5. Scientific Balance
  6. PH meter
  7. Centrifuge
  8. Haemometer
  9. Bone Cutter
  10. Binocular
  11. Cinema Projector
  12. OHP Projector
  13. 35 MM Slide Projector
  14. Meopta Microphotographi Unit
  15. Sphymomatometer with Stethoscope


Physics Laboratory:

The Department has two well-equipped and Spacious Laboratories in which we have various important instruments. The dept is currently running the course for B.Sc. I /II.

Instruments/Infrastructure :
The laboratories are equipped with the following major equipment

  • CRO
  • Spectrometer
  • Function Generator
  • Travelling Microscope
  • Ballastic Galvanometer
  • AC Miliammeter
  • Digital Multimeter



Mathematics laboratory:

The Department has well-organized and equipped Laboratory of 600 sq. ft. The dept is currently running the course for B.Sc. I /II/ III. The Department is having following Infrastructure and instruments:

  1. No. of Computers         :  16
  2. Printer                           :  01
  3. Scanner                         :  02
  4. UPS                                :  01
  5. Stabilizer                       :  01 capacity (10 KVA)
  6. Calculators                    :  28
  7. Mathematical Charts    :  07

Botany Laboratory:

This Department is also the oldest department of our college. Currently It is running B.Sc. I/II courses. The Department has separate Research Laboratory with Some important instruments. The Department is working on one ongoing project which is sanctioned by RGSTC worth Rs. 17 lacs. Two research students are working on that project alongwith The Project Head Dr. S.P.Gaikwad.


  1. Binocular Microscope
  2. Global Positioning System
  3. Herbarium Cupboards
  4. pH Meter
  5. Computer System with Multimedia Facility
  6. UPS facility
  7. Digital Camera (Nikon D60)
  8. Digital Balance
  9. Internet Facility

Computer Laboratory:

The department is equipped with the latest computer machines, installed with latest softwares. We have two computer laboratories, which are well equipped with latest terminals, scanners, printers, CD printers, LCD projectors and legal copies of latest softwares like windows XP, MS-office, Visual Studio, ISM and Shreelipi. These laboratories support an environment for Networking, Multimedia databases and advanced technologies and one laboratory is oriented for basic study of electronics and microprocessor.

Sr. No.

Name of the Item




Computer Systems + Laptop








Capacity 10 KVA









Internet Broadband


1- Sify & 2- BSNL BB


Sony Digital Camera


With 2 battery backup


MSOFFICE 2000 & 2010


Legal Software


Visual Studio


Legal Software




Legal Software




Legal Software


Win XP


Legal Software




Legal Software




Legal Software


It is well equipped and sophisticated Laboratory which is enriched with advanced instruments like incubator, Microscopes, autoclave, centrifuge, oven etc.

Geography Laboratory:

It is well equipped and sophisticated Laboratory which is enriched with advanced instruments like Ranging Road, Japan Model Spirit Level, Audi lade, India Map, Pocket Stereoscope, Fourteen Barometer, Geological Models, Optical Scare, Ariel Photographs, Magnified Glasses, Aninometer, Thermograph, Computer etc.

Geology Laboratory:

It is well equipped and sophisticated Laboratory which is enriched with advanced instruments like Microscope, Crystal Models, Contact Goniometer, Earth Globe, Mirror Stereoscope, Silicate Structure Model Kit, Rotometer measurer, Geomorphic model, Refractometer, Binocular etc.


Walchand College of Arts and Science, Solapur Library

Walchand College of Arts and Science, Solapur Library works as an effective central support system for the entire college catering to the information needs of streams, arts and science. It also provides as knowledge center for junior, senior, post graduate, MSW department , Biotechnology  department  as well as research centers and departments of the college. The library is open from 7.15am to 5.45 pm except for Sunday and holidays.

1. Objectives of the Library 

  1. To cater to the curricular, intellectual and creative information needs of teachers and students by providing latest and relevant information sources.
  2. To promote reading habits amongst users by conducting book exhibitions.
  3. To organize Information Literacy Programme helping the students to use the library effectively.

2. Library Advisory Committee

The committee constitutes of Principal as a Chairman: Dr. A.H . Manikshete 

Librarian as secretary: Dr. Vandana S. Gavali

 Library Committee Member

Sr.No Name
01 Prin.Dr.A.H.Manikshete
02 Dr.V.S.Gavali
03 Dr.S.J.Awate
04 Prof.V.G.Guruji
05 DR.M.O.Mulajkar
06 Dr.I.B.Choudhari
07 Prof.S.V.Shah
07 Mr.P.R.Joshi
08 Mrs.V.A.Gargade
09 Dr.A.S.Vatkar
10 Prof.S.V.Pandit


III. Total Collection in Library Department

Sr.No Section No. of Books
1 Senior Section 64805
2 Junior Section 19796
3 MSW Section 7993
Total 92594
4 CD/DVD 130
5 Manuscripts 219
6 Periodicals 115
7 Newspaper 18

Staff Member list in Library:-

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification Experience
01 Dr.Mrs. Gavali V.S. Librarian  M.Ed., M.Lib.& I.Sc., SET, Ph.D. 9 Years
02 Mr. Kasturkar R.V. Asst. Librarian. M.A., M.Lib. & I.Sc., M.Phil., MS-CIT 19 Years.
03 Mr. Deodhare A.J. Prof. Assistant B.Com., M.Lib & I.Sc.MS-CIT. 6 Years.
04 Mr. Kuge B.N. Prof. Assistant M.A. M.Ed., M.Lib & I.Sc.MS-CIT. 6 Years.
05 Mr. Supate A.M. Library Assistant B.Com., M.Lib & I.Sc.MS-CIT. 6 Years
06 Mrs. Karade M.R. Library Assistant M.A., M.Lib & I.Sc.MS-CIT. 6 Years.
07 Mr. Dudhalwar N.B. Library  Jr. Clerk H.S.C., LTC., MS-CIT. 15 Years.
08 Mr. Supekar V.C. Library  Jr. Clerk B.Com.,LTC.,GDC & AMS-CIT. 6 Years.
09 Mrs. Shah D.R. Library  Jr. Clerk B.A., B.Lib & I.Sc.MS-CIT. 2 Years.
10 Mr.Awashank A.M. Library Attendant H.S.C. LTC 23 Years.
11 Mr. Kale M.N. Library Attendant IX th 18 Years.
12 Mr. Kadam V.N. Library Attendant IX th 18 Years
13 Smt. Shinde S.B. Library Attendant IX th 25 Years.
14 Mr. Kore S.S. Library Attendant S.S.C. LTC., MS-CIT 6 Years.
15 Mr. Shete K.P Library Attendant B.A., LTC MS-CIT 3 Years.
16 Mr. Patil Y.P Library Attendant B.A. B.Lib 7 Years.


  1. Infrastructure 

The Library is located in the Central Building Ground Floor with the total area of 227.21 Sq mt. It got established along with the establishment of the college

It has got 09 Computers and one server in Local Area Network LAN. The entire functioning of the library is performed by SLIM 21 advanced library software with OPAC facility provided all all the departments in the college. With the assistance UGC XI plan library has developed national resource center for the college students with the efficient computer facility with the fast computers with internet connectivity and assess to UGC INFLIBNET – NLIST programme. The machines are supported with power back up facility for uninterrupted usage.

Library Layout and Sections

The library possesses Technical section, Circulation section, Periodical section, Reading Hall and Staff reading Section , Stack room, Reference section, Reprography section and Internet facility for the efficient working.

  1. Users of the Library


Jr Students:                         1945

UG Students:                         1244

Biotechnology Students:              165

MSW Students:                        110

PG Students:                         543

Research Student:                     18

Total :-                     4025


  1. Jr. College: –           48
  2. Sr. College: –           45
  3. Msw College: –           07
  4. Other Staff :-           21
  5. Nonteaching Staff: –     73

VII. Services Offered

  • Interlibrary Loan Service
  • Home Lending service to all the students and Book Bank facility (for certain Subjects
  • Hirachand Nemchand college of commerce,Commerce  College
  • Kasturbai college of education ,Solapur
  • Reference and Referral Service
  • Photcopying Service
  • News Paper Clippings Service
  • Question papers and Syllabus Consultation facility
  • Internet browsing facility with NLIST Access











VIII. Activities of Library

a)  Events in library Department:-

  1. Granthotsav- Book Exhibitions
  2. Saraswati Poojan
  3. Shrut panchami parv
  4. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti
  5. Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
  6. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti

b) Information Literacy Programme : Information Literacy programmes were conducted entitled “ Know Your Library for our students class wise.

Library Departmental Profile: -

  • The Library has encyclopedias, books, reports, dissertations, journals, Magazines and newspapers etc. These are the main resources of the department
  • The Library department is well computerized department with LIBMAN Software, Nagpur.
  • Attempts are made to update and upgrade the library.
  • New titles, text books, reference books, periodicals, technical journals and magazines are added to enrich the library.Separate provision of Departmental libraries other than the central Library.

Reading Room:

  • Separate reading room facility is provided for students with latest editions of relevant books, national and international research journals, periodicals and Internet facility is also made available.
  • OPAC facility is available to all students and staff members.
  • Reading room facility used by the students to utilize their extra knowledge based for Reading, Group Discussion and revising the academic and competitive topics.
  • Student can use this facility from 7.30 a.m. to 5.45 p.m.







Walchand College Library web site


A Seminar hall with a capacity of more than 200 students is also well equipped with audio-visual aids such as computer, LCD and audio system. The hall exclusively caters to the needs where more students are to be addressed.


Outdoor Sports:

The institute has broad 3 acres outdoor ground for various local, national and international games. Our Students are shined in various zonal, District level, State level, National Level and International games & glittered the name of our institution.



For outstation students seeking accommodation, the institute has the provision of hostel facility, the hostel that is placed in the Campus, carves out a homely atmosphere for the students. Separate boys and girls hostels are located within the campus. Decent and affordable boarding facilities are available in abundance.



Separate Vehicle parking facility is available in the institution for both staff members and students with the supervision of security guards.

Sr.No. Units Facilities
  • IQAC Unit
  • Three cupboards, computer table and chairs
  • 01 laptop, 01 printer, Intercom line
  • A separate notice board
2 Grievance Redressal Unit
  • Housed in IQAC Unit
  • Shared computer
3 Women Cell
  • Housed in IQAC Office
  • Shared computer
4 Counseling and Career Guidance
  • Separate CECC Unit
  • 03 Table, 06 chairs, 02 cupboards
  • Shared computer
5 Placement Unit
  • Separate Placement Unit
  • 01 Table, chairs, cupboard
6 Health Centre
  • 01 Bed,
  • Medical report cards,
  • Device for monitoring blood pressure and
  • First aid box
7 Canteen
  • College canteen with all basic amenities
8 Recreational Space for staff andstudents
  • Recreation Room for regular practice of cultural events
  • In-door sports facility for Chess, carrom etc.
  • Television set
  • Ladies Room
9 Safe Drinking Water Facility
  • RO water Purfier
10 Auditorium 04 Seminar Halls with Basic Infrastructure

  • Walchand Sabhagraha: 400 seating capacity, dais, mike system, Projector etc.
  • Smart Classroom: 100 seating capacity, dais, mike system, wall mounted projector, video-conferencing facility etc.
  • Biotechnology seminar Hall: 80 seating capacity, projector, dais etc.
  • No. 10: 80 seating capacity, dais, projector, mike system


Facilities of Bio technology :

Infrastructure at WCBT:

WCBT has a separate three storied building of 17,500 sq.ft in the present sprawling campus of Walchand College of Arts and Science off Walchand Hirachand Marg, Ashok chowk, Solapur.


Tissue Culture Laboratory:

WCBT has unique air-conditioned Animal and Plant Tissue Culture laboratories of 1000 sq. ft each, at present used for training and research I animal and plant tissue culture experiments, respectively. These laboratories are provided with sophisticated high-tech equipments such as Autoclaves, Air shower, CO2 incubator, Culture racks, digital balances, BOD incubator, Hybridization oven, inverted microscope, Laminar Air flows, Hot air oven, shaking incubator, deep freezers and a host of other devices.


Molecular Biology Laboratory:

Sophisticated air-conditioned molecular biology laboratory of 1000 sq. ft. is made available at WCBT. It is utilized to conduct experiments for isolation, purification, digestion, ligation and amplification of DNA. The laboratory is enriched by sophisticated equipment viz. digital balance, electrophoresis system, ELISA reader, heating block, heat cool block, microplate shaker, 3D rocker, Gel documentation system, PCR workstation, hot plate, UV

trans-illumininator, cooling centrifuge, microscopes, ultra cooling refrigerator, water bath, etc.

Biochemistry Laboratory

Well designed Biochemistry laboratory with separate digestion chamber is functional for training the students in the basic biochemical analysis concerned to carbohydrates, Proteins, lipids etc. It is supported by Magnetic stirrer, pH meter, Spectrophotometer, Digital Balance etc.


Microbiology Laboratory

Well equipped Microbiology laboratory of 1100 sq.ft. capable of culturing all kinds of aerobic microorganisms. It is enriched by advanced equipments viz. autoclave, Bio-safety cabinet, Centrifuge, Microscopes, Oven, incubators etc.


Computer Science Laboratory

It is of 1000 sq.ft. and has 40 desktop computer systems with 24 hrs. Broad band Internet Facility.


Common Facility Centre (CFC)

It is also established to suit easy access for unique instruments such as Spectrophotometer, Inverted microscope, ELISA reader, Cooling Centrifuge, Deep Freezer, Incubator shaker etc.



Separate spacious resourceful library cum reading room with latest editions of relevant books, national and international research journals, periodicals and 24 hours hrs. Internet facility is also made available.

Well- designed and well equipped seminar hall is made available for building all round personality of students through curricular and extracurricular activities.


A Seminar hall with a capacity of more than 200 students is also well equipped with audio-visual aids such as computer, LCD and audio system. The hall exclusively caters to the needs where more students are to be addressed.