Co curricular :

  • Participating as Expert faculty in all the events and programmes organised by the College.
  • Worked as visiting faculty for Competitive Exam Coaching Centre.
  • Contributed as Instructor for Certificate Course in SPSS conducted by Mathematics.
  • Helped in preparing a Merit list for M.S.W. Part I.
  • Giving technical Support to all Departments of Arts and Science faculty

This department was established in 1990. Since then department is running courses of Computer. The department is equipped with the latest computer machines, installed with latest softwares. We have two computer laboratories, which are well equipped with latest terminals, scanners, printers, CD printers, LCD projectors and legal copies of latest softwares like windows 10 Professional OS, MS-office, Visual Studio, ISM and Shreelipi. These laboratories support an environment for Networking, Multimedia databases and advanced technologies and one laboratory is oriented for basic study of electronics and microprocessor.

We have one PG from Pune University and one faculty has done Bachelor in computer Application and Diploma in Electronics.

Our Department is consistently working for all the Workshops/Seminars which are being conducted in our college by various departments.


1. Faculty profile: 2017-18

Sr. No. Name Designation Qualifications
1 Dr. S.V. Koti Principal M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D., DCM
2 Shri. P.R.Joshi Head B.Sc., M.C.M., MS-CIT
3 Mrs. D.V.Diwanji Faculty D.E.E., BCA, MS-CIT

2.Student Profile: The students seeking admission to the department come from different language families, viz. Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi. Most of the students hail from lower middle class and weaker sections of the society. A majority of students have average entry-level competencies.

3.Success Trends & Drop Out Rates:


Class Year Percentage of Passing
XI & XII 2017-18 100%
XI & XII 2017-18 100%


4.Learning Resources: Departmental Library has 21 reference books, which are made available to students & faculty. The Department has 37 computers available for students & staff with Internet facility. Some of the important instruments worth mentioning are: LCD projector, digital camera, scanner, web camera and printer.

5. Modern Teaching Methods: Documentaries, use of power point presentation, use of other multimedia facilities & Models.

6. Teacher’s Participation in academic and personal counseling: The teachers are involved in informal academic and personal counseling of the students.

7. Faculty Development Programmes (Past Two Years): N.A.

8. Participation/Contribution of teachers to teaching, consultancy and research:





Shri. P.R.Joshi

Mrs. D.V.Diwanji

10. Collaborations: NIL

11. Research Areas, Ongoing Projects & Noteworthy Publications (Past Two Years): N.A.

12. Placement Record of Past Students: NIL

13. Plan of Action for Next Five Years:

A) Expanding the Research Activities

B) Organization of Seminars and Workshops

C) One Add-O n Course: Certificate Course in MS-Office & Internet