1. Name of Department:            Microbiology
  1. Year of Establishment: 1985
  1. Introduction: The Department of Microbiology was established in the year 1985.The Department runs B.Sc I, B.ScII & Ph.D. Courses. Certificate Course in ‘Naturopathy and Cosmetology for personal was conducted from 2012 to 2018 for the students.
  2. Teaching Staff:
Sr. No. Name of Faculty Nature of Appointment Designation Qualifications Teaching Experience
1. Dr.Mrs.Meera D.Chavan Full Time Professor M.Sc Ph.D.Dipl.in Naturopathy 35 years
  1. Non-teaching Staff: NA
Sr. No. Name of Staff Designation Qualifications Date of Joining the College
1. Shri Gaurishankar Birajdar Lab Attendant 9th 01/01/2008
  1. Facilities: Well-equipped lab.
Department Library
  1. Courses Offered:
B.Sc. I CBCS Pattern B.Sc. II CBCS Pattern Ph.D.
  1. Result Analysis ( B.ScI) Last Five Years
Class Academic year No.of students appeared for Examination Passing percentage
 B.ScI 2015-16 27 66.66%
B.SC.I 2016-17 38             84.25%
B.SCI 2017-18 35 80.51%
B.ScI 2018-19 28 85.71%
B.ScI 2019-20 29 90.50
  1. Meritorious Students – N.A.
Sr. No. Year Name of Students Percentage
  1. Result Analysis (B.ScII): Last Five Years
      Class Academic year No. of students appeared for Examination Passing percentage
B.Sc.II 2015-16 28 79.16%
B.ScII 2016-17 25 60.86%
B.SCII 2017-18 26 70%
B.ScII 2018-19 27 84.84%
B.SCII 2019-20 17 88.50%
  1. Meritorious Students : Last Five Years
  1. Research by Faculty:
Name of Faculty Books Published Minor Research Projects SIM Writing Paper Presentations Ph.D. Guidance
Dr. Meera D.Chavan 00 02 00 13 06
  1. Papers Published by Faculty: Total
Sr.No. Name of Faculty Number of Papers Published
1.  Dr.Meera D.Chavan 38             (In last 5 years- 14)
  1. Activities of Department: Last Five Years- Student’s unit of Microbiologist Society, India formed every year, following activities were conducted every year.
Sr. No. Name of Activity Date of Activity Funding Agency Beneficiaries
1. Essay Competition Every Year Self-funded Students
2. Seminar presentation competition Every Year Self-funded  Students
3. Article writing competition Every Year Self-funded Students
4. Extempore Every Year Self-funded Students
5 Study visit to places of Microbiological interest Every Year ---- Students
6 Poster presentation competition Every year Students
7 Guest lecture by Dr.Vyenkatesh Metan 25/09/18 Students and teachers
8 Guest lecture by Dr.Jyoti Chidgupkar 01/09/19 Teachers and Students
9 Visit to bird photography exhibition 25/01/19 Teacher and Students
10 Rangoli competition on immunity 22/08/19 Students
11 National level rangoli competition on immunity Received consolation prize 19/11/19 Students
12 Slogan competition 13/08/19 Students
13 Fermented food exhibition 03/03/20 Students.
  1. Consultancy:------
  1. Social and Extension Work of Faculty:
  • Mrs.M.D.Chavan has been given invited talks in international conferences.
  • M.D. Chavan has chaired the technical sessions in National and International conferences.
  • M.D. Chavan is active member of Microbiologists Society, India.
  • For the year 2020-21 has been appointed as coordinator MSI for Solapur university region.
  1. Students’ Achievements: Last Five Years
Name of Student Achievements
Rahul Shelke (Ph.D. student) Ø  Received prize for  research paper presentation competition in Avishkar festival from last five years. He was also selected for national level Avishkar festival twice.
Miss Arti Hulle Ø  participated in Microtoom Comptition.at Vishwasrao Naik Arts, Commerce College, Sirala
Ms. Arti  Hulle Ø  Presented paper in National Seminar on Modern Approaches in Science organised by K.N Bhise College Kurduwadi.
Rutuja Ankulkar & Rahul Shelke Ø   Presented  papers  in International Journals
Pallavi Umarji  and Kiran Jagtap Ø  Awarded Ph.D degree
All students Ø  Participation of students in workshop of Intellectual property rights
Rahul Shelke Ø   Completed the lab course on the topic COVID -19
  1. Student Support and Progression: Last Five Years
Academic Year Number of Students going for PG Programme
  1. Campus Placement and Recruitment: Last Five Years
Sr. No. Name of Student Name of the Firm/Industry/Company
  1. SWOC Analysis:
Strengths Ø  Well-equipped Microbiology laboratory. Good infrastructure. Ø  Department has good facilities for research activities. Ø  Proficient and Experienced Faculty
Weaknesses Ø  Microbiology subject is not available at B.Sc.III level

Ø  Currently the B.Sc. course is available till second year, this can be extended to include third year.

Ø  With College Autonomy in a near future, the College in general and the Department in particular will be able to offer latest syllabi.

Ø   Students are given an opportunity for visiting different related industries and research institutions for future career

Ø  Tie up with industries can open up more opportunities in specialized courses

Challenges Ø  Promoting language proficiency among the students from multi-lingual families Ø   Motivating students of Under Graduation for small-scale research projects


  1. Future Plans:
1.  Planning to start Microbiology at B.Sc.III level.
2. Introduction of applied certificate course of food and dairy microbiology
3. Development of new online digital course content.
4. Organization of National seminars.
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