Best Practices

Title of Practice: Teacher Sponsored-Student Aid Fund (TS-SAF):-



(1) To provide educational and psycho-social support to needy and poor students

(2) To reduce chances of drop-out of students for lack of any institutional support

(3) To help girl students through donation of bicycles and other educational material for continuation of their education.


The context: The basic motive of this scheme is that ‘no student should drop his/her education for the want of money’. As Solapur region falls under drought prone area and students community from our college belong to poor to average background there is need to provide financial support to sustain their education.


The Practice: Under this innovative scheme all our teachers unanimously came forward with a genuine motive to help poor and needy students. The basic aim is that ‘no student should drop his/her education for lack of money, personal and social problems’. This scheme since its inception from academic year 2011-12 has been appreciated and hailed by print media as well as general public of this region. This initiative works in following steps.

  1. Applications are invited from students who wish to avail support, guidance and help from TS-SAF.
  2. The applications are then scrutinized by college committee to verify the needs and demands of students.
  3. Students are called for interview and the committee members then identify the nature of problems the students face (personal, academic and social) and they are counseled.
  4. After proper verification the students are offered necessary support for their continuation of education.


Evidence of Success:

  1. Each year we receive more than 150 applications for various kinds of support from poor and needy students.
  2. Direct interaction with students helped in establishing an emotional bond student fraternity. Students freely shared their academic, social and personal problems during their interaction with teachers. This has also helped us in extending them moral, personal, psycho-social support for students.
  3. The process has till now helped more than 800 poor students in continuing their undergraduate education.
  4. Students were offered help in the form of college uniform, college bags, admission fees, examination fees, bus passes, note-books, books, Study tour fees, apron, dissection box etc. as per their requirement.
  5. Additionally, ‘Bicycles for Girl Student’, another scheme launched with the generous donation from faculty has helped poor and needy girl students who cannot manage to afford to even pay for regular bus charges to reach college. As of today more than 35 girls have taken benefit of this scheme and could continue their education.
  6. This scheme since its launch has really helped us to tackle the absentee and has reduced drop out too.
  7. This scheme has received accolades from management, print media and civil society.


Resources Required:

  1. Corpus fund as necessary for the number of applicants
  2. Human resource

Obstacles faced/Problems encountered:

  1. The scheme received overwhelming response and hence the number of application received is more than the available fund.
  2. We also received few proxy applications from students from well-to-do families. The problems were faced with proper discussion and counseling of students.


List of committee members

Dr. M. P. Shastri (Arts) (Convener)

Dr. D. M. Zombade (Science)

Dr. S. B. Joshi(Science)

 Mr. Y .N. Joshi (Biotechnology)

Dr. Mrs. I. B. Choudhri (MSW)



Contact Details:

Name of the Principal: Dr.S.V.Koti

Name of the Institution: Shri.A.P.D.Jain Pathashala’s Walchand

College of Arts and Science, Solapur

City: Solapur

Pin Code: 413 003

Accredited Status: NAAC re-accredited with ‘A’ Grade

Work Phone: 0217-2651185 Fax:0217-2391849

Website: Mobile: 09850336338


Title of Practice: Women Studies Centre



(1) To address issues related to girl students

(2) To encourage girl students in their personal growth, career opportunities and offer counselling for psycho-social needs

(3) To conduct training programmes, lecture series, self-defense workshops, health awareness camps and entrepreneurship development skills among girl students


The context: This scheme was introduced in 2011-12 with the sole objective of personality development of girl students and proposed various welfare measures that can be undertaken. The centre gets inputs on aspirations and needs of girl students and takes appropriate steps to address their issues.


The Practice: The needs of girl students are received in the following manner.

(1) Registration of girl students under this scheme: The center receives grand response for membership from girl students each year.

(2) Organization of meetings with Staff and Students: Teachers get feedback from girl students on important issues including personal, family and social aspects.

(3) Addressing Issues through Seminars workshops and Training Programmes: The committee takes appropriate initiatives which ultimately help girl students to address their issues and promote them in their academics and mentoring of their personalities.


Evidence of Success: The centre has taken a large number of initiatives benefitting all girl students in College. This year2018-19


List of committee members working in Women Studies Centre

Dr. R. M. Ovhal (Convener)

Dr. Mrs. M. D. Chavan

Dr. Mrs. V. V .Mahajan

Mrs. V. V. Dhobale





Sr. No.

Name of the activity

(Number of Participants in activity)

Collaborating Unit with Women study centerChief GuestObjective of the activity      Date

Encl. no

Activity report for particular activity

1Self Defense Camp for girls- 120 girls participatedMahilaTakrarNiwaransamiti of CollegeAdv. Swati Birajdar and Mrs.Kavita Ghodake PatilTo develop self confidence and to enhance physical and mental ability amongst girls6th  -13th  August-2018Activity No. 1

Motivational Guest Lecture, 350 students from Arts and science Faculty


N.S.S. And Competitive Examination Coaching CentreACP Dr.Dipali KaleTo motivate students for self development and for civil services8th September-2018Activity No. 2
3Mission Sahasi Workshop,1 60 girls participatedABVP, Solapur division and MahilaTakrarNiwaranSamitiShri. Shihan Suresh Jadhav, Maharashtra Cick boxingTo made girls aware of small tricks about self defence and protection12th-13th October-2018Activity No. 3
4‘Smaran Kranti Jyotiche’-2019 Collage Making Competition and Guest lecture, more than 200 students from all facultyAndhshradhaNirmulanSamiti, Solapur Division were present for the programme.Mrs.Shalini Oak, Anjali Nanal and MadhuraSalwaru of ANISTribute to Krantijyoti Savitribai Fule on her birth anniversary3rd  January-2019Activity No. 4
5Councelling Programme –Khulta Kali Khulena for Students and Parents            , 20 students with their parents participatedWomen EmpowermentActivity of MLA, PranetitaiShinde, SolapurMLA, PranetitaiShinde and Councellers, Miss Bhakti Ghate and ShriSujitRandiveTo overcome communication  gap between students and parents17th January-2019Activity No. 5