The College extends support through Student Aid Fund and Earn and learn scheme for needy students. The college has introduced the ‘Earn and Learn Scheme’ with a view to help needy and poor students with monetary supports by taking students expertise in administrative and other college work.

Teacher Sponsored Student Aid Fund (TSSAF):

 The basic motive of this scheme is that ‘no student should drop his/her education for the want of money’. As Solapur region falls under drought prone area and students community from our college belong to poor to average background there is need to provide financial support to sustain their education.

Under this innovative scheme all our teachers unanimously came forward with a genuine motive to help poor and needy students. The basic aim is that ‘no student should drop his/her education for lack of money, personal and social problems’. This scheme since its inception from academic year 201112 has been appreciated and hailed by print media as well as general public of this region. This initiative works in following steps.

  1. Applications are invited from students who wish to avail support, guidance and help from TSSAF.
  2. The applications are then scrutinized by college committee to verify the needs and demands of students.
  3. Students are called for interview and the committee members then identify the nature of problems the students face (personal, academic and social) and they are counseled.
  4. After proper verification the students are offered necessary support for their continuation of education.


(1) To provide educational and psychosocial support to needy and poor students

(2) To reduce chances of dropout of students for lack of any institutional support

(3) To help girl students through donation of bicycles and other educational material for continuation of their education.

Evidence of Success:

  1. Each year we receive more than 150 applications for various kinds of support from poor and needy students.
  2. Direct interaction with students helped in establishing an emotional bond student fraternity. Students freely shared their academic, social and personal problems during their interaction with teachers. This has also helped us in extending them moral, personal, psychosocial support for students.
  3. The process has till now helped more than 800 poor students in continuing their undergraduate education.
  4. Students were offered help in the form of college uniform, college bags, admission fees, examination fees, bus passes, notebooks, books, Study tour fees, apron, dissection box etc. as per their requirement.
  5. Additionally, ‘Bicycles for Girl Student’, another scheme launched with the generous donation from faculty has helped poor and needy girl students who cannot manage to afford to even pay for regular bus charges to reach college. As of today more than 35 girls have taken benefit of this scheme and could continue their education.
  6. This scheme since its launch has really helped us to tackle the absentee and has reduced drop out too.
  7. This scheme has received accolades from management, print media and civil society.



Details of TS-SAF and utilization for the academic years is listed below.


TS-SAF 2013-14 to 2018-19


Sr.No Year No. of Students applied for the  scheme in the year No. of Students benefited by the scheme in the year Amount in Rs. Spent for the scheme in the year
1. 2018-19 165 144 61850/-
2. 2017-18 91 74 60240
3. 2016-17 109 78 45955
4. 2015-16 100 79 40880
5. 2014-15 105 73 19730


The details of distribution are as follows

Particulars 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
Admission 0 8500 5500 0 3000
Exam Fees 12880 20580 37515 39240 31150
Books & Note Books 4450 3500 0 4200 14500
Others 0 0 500 0 1200
Study Tour 2400 0 0 0 0
Project Work 0 0 0 9050 0
Bus Pass Bags 0 8300 2440 7750 12000
Total Amount 19730 40880 45955 60240 61850


Govt. Scholarships

Tuition, Admission, Library, Tutorial, Gymkhana, Magazine, University Registration, Eligibility, Software, Medical, P.G. Registration Fees concessions are given to the students at the time of admission who belong to S.C./S.T./D.T.N.T./S. B.C. Categories. Concession in Tuition, Admission, Gymkhana, Library fees are given at the time of admission to the wards of economically Backward Class, Ex-Servicemen, Service Personnel, Primary and Secondary School Teachers. Endowment Scholarships in cash are awarded to the Meritorious students on Annual Day function.

Students from SC/ST, OBC and economically weaker sections: Students from SC/ST, OBC and economically weaker sections are offered with state/central government freeships/scholarships.


All students in college enjoy ‘Insurance Coverage’ under Student Safety Insurance policies.

This policy can be availed by any educational institute in order to provide coverage to students. The institute will have to pay premiums, and the cover is paid to the guardian or the parent in case something happens to the student.

Student Safety Insurance policies are offered to students and can be availed by educational institutions such as schools, colleges, etc. for the benefit of their students. This policy is issued under the name of the educational institution and the claim is paid out to the guardian or parent of an affected student. Once the institution purchases a Student Safety Insurance, all the students in the institution will be covered. In order to cover additional students, the institution will have to pay additional premium